Becoming an Invisible Monster

The most horrifying stories, according to Chuck Palahniuk, are those that could happen. And the greatest monsters are the invisible ones living within us. He explores this in the reincarnation of his novel, Invisible Monsters, now published as Invisible Monsters, Remix. Continue reading →

first rule is chuck palahniuk is really that cool

Chuck Palahniuk is cool. He’s the guy people read if they’ve only read two books out of school. He’s famous. He wrote Fight Club. Yes, it’s good, and the movie is really pretty. Brad Pitt is great. Edward Norton is great. Chuck’s name is known because his book was made into a slick movie. I’m the asshole that held it against him. I thought he can’t be that cool. But he is. He writes original stories that could actually happen. That’s the true beauty of his novels; they’re insane but believable. Continue reading →