Revisiting an old friend in her new world: Anne Rice’s The Wolf Gift

Anne Rice, The Wolf GiftIn my high school they used to pair up a senior with a freshman to show them around. I was an extremely quiet awkward goth girl who was paired up with a new wave Victorian goth girl named Mickey. Imagine my luck! We used to have lunch together in the rose garden in front of the Virgin Mary statue and talk about poetry and books. She used to carry around a copy of Anne Rice‘s The Vampire Lestat. The paperback she had was red with gothic lettering. It was so strange looking to me but I rushed out and bought the first in the series, Interview with a Vampire. I loved it. And then I read everything else. Everything. I reread my favorites multiple times. Eventually there were no books for me to read. I just had to wait for her to write another. I’d anxiously await them. In college those were my vacation books. Then I was in grad school and lost track of her. I didn’t forget her, I just didn’t have time. Continue reading →

The gothic novel is not dead: Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Shadow of the Wind

There’s a lot of great literature out there, but the books that make you stay up late at night, the ones that make you ignore your phone, the ones that make you late to meet friends are few and far between. Continue reading →