Everyone wants to be a savior in Chuck Palahniuk’s Doomed

Doomed, Chuck Palahniuk, Damned

Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk is the second book in a trilogy. Damned being the first; it’s about a young girl (whose parents are celebrities) who dies and is sent to hell. Doomed is about the same girl living in purgatory on earth. The third and final book is yet to be released. The books are composed of chapter long tweets, with Madison appealing to Dr. Maya Angelou whenever she needs strength: “Please, Dr. Maya, give me the strenth to not use an emoticon.” (Palahniuk, 29)

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Chuck Palahniuk with the Cacophony Society at the Castro Theatre

Chuck Palahniuk, Castro Street Theatre, Commonwealth Club

Chuck Palahniuk released a sequel to Damned. It’s called Doomed. And he’s touring to support the launch of his book. Last month Palahniuk spoke in conjunction with the Commonwealth Club at The Castro Theatre with John Law, Carrie Galbraith, and Kevin Evans about the Cacophony Society. It was quite a production. You sat according to your ticket level. I had purchased a book in advance so that secured me a better seat than just a regular lecture ticket. This appearance was not related to his newest book at all.

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first rule is chuck palahniuk is really that cool

Chuck Palahniuk is cool. He’s the guy people read if they’ve only read two books out of school. He’s famous. He wrote Fight Club. Yes, it’s good, and the movie is really pretty. Brad Pitt is great. Edward Norton is great. Chuck’s name is known because his book was made into a slick movie. I’m the asshole that held it against him. I thought he can’t be that cool. But he is. He writes original stories that could actually happen. That’s the true beauty of his novels; they’re insane but believable. Continue reading →