Another Book About Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves: Charlaine Harris’ Dead to the World

Charlaine Harris, True Blood, Dead to the World

So sometimes you just want a good read. A book that will keep you interested regardless of how fun your vacation will be once your airplane lands. A book that you read until your eyes burn and you can no longer keep them open. A book that is unpredictable. When that’s what you want, pick up Charlaine Harris’ Vampire mystery series that HBO made into True Blood. Continue reading →

reading versus voyeurism: movies based on books

When I was younger I used to have read-a-long books that came with records. The majority of them were based on Disney cartoons. As I grew up I started to read books based on movies. The first book I read that a movie was based on was 101 Dalmations. I was confusedĀ because the book was not identical to the movie. My dad told me the book is always better than the movie. In my naivete I did not understand the difference between books based on movies and movies based on books. Continue reading →