Choking with Excitement over Chuck Palahniuk @ Inforum

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Chuck Palahniuk spoke through the Commonwealth Club’s Inforum group at San Francisco’s Castro Theater. If you are familiar with Chuck’s writing, you’ll understand that he doesn’t do anything like others do. His voice and stories are unique because he is. Chuck’s books aren’t meant to be provocative. He isn’t writing to shock people. He is writing stories for people who like them, who get him, who also see the world differently. Chuck tells the stories he knows and understands. He tells the stories that were whispered to him by nervous people that want to confess, want to share their secrets. When people are shocked, it is because they are entering an unfamiliar territory, one in which they are uncomfortable with things they don’t understand or do not like.
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first rule is chuck palahniuk is really that cool

Chuck Palahniuk is cool. He’s the guy people read if they’ve only read two books out of school. He’s famous. He wrote Fight Club. Yes, it’s good, and the movie is really pretty. Brad Pitt is great. Edward Norton is great. Chuck’s name is known because his book was made into a slick movie. I’m the asshole that held it against him. I thought he can’t be that cool. But he is. He writes original stories that could actually happen. That’s the true beauty of his novels; they’re insane but believable. Continue reading →