Interview with Danielle, designer of the Don DeLillo stencil for California Bookstore Day


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California Bookstore Day was May 3, 2014; an exciting day for booknerds all over the state. One of the greatest pieces offered was the stencil with a quotation from Don DeLillo‘s White Noise. I was so excited that a stencil had been made from a book quote, especially one that is so powerful and challenging, “California deserves whatever it gets.” I was fortunate to interview Danielle Hobart, who designed the stencil along with other collateral for the day.

How was your art selected?
Nepotism—Zack Ruskin (from Book Passage) and I are a couple and he was involved with Green Apple; starting this idea [California Bookstore Day] they worked together. It was Pete’s (of Green Apple)  idea and he’s been involved in the business for a really long time. I think he was inspired by record store day and realized that it could translate. Independent bookstores stay in touch and Zack was creating the website for California Bookstore Day and mentioned to Pete and Samantha that I would be super into working on something for them. Continue reading →

California Bookstore Day, Hooray!!! Limited edition books and art!

On May 3, 2014, 93 bookstores participated in the first California Bookstore Day. Created to encourage local shopping at independent bookstores, there were 13 original limited edition items produced specifically for the day. The items included new editions of old or previously unpublished works, art inspired by books and created by authors, a recipe box, a tote bag, and my personal favorite, a wooden stencil with a literary quote.

Many San Francisco bookstores participated and it was down to my two of my favorites, Green Apple and the Booksmith. The latter offered a party from 3:30-4:30 in the backyard of Sparrow on Haight. I was worried they would run out of items so I got to the the bookstore around noon. Booksmith always has an incredibly cheery front table but yesterday’s spread was especially fun.

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