The best character is the least likeable in Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe, A Man in Full

Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full is filled with characters: most of them are unlikeable egomaniacs doing despicable things whose goal is the stereotypical American dream: power, wealth, status, and marriage. A Man in Full is like many of Wolfe’s other books: an almost unfathomable amount of story lines that finally coalesce into a strong full story. Wolfe examines the life of an obscenely wealthy land developer who owns a chain of frozen food warehouses, and how his egotism affects those around him. Simultaneously, the novel’s other major story arc is about a wealthy man’s daughter who accuses the University’s star football player of raping her. She is white and he is black.

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Buying more Books at the Friends of The San Francisco Public Library Booksale

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Book Sale

My book haul at the precise moment of the photograph.

I went to the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library‘s book sale in April and scored 12 books for $24. All the proceeds benefit the San Francisco Public Library.

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