Money I’ve Spent this Year on Books


Note: not all books purchased during the six month span are pictured.


At the beginning of last year I decided to keep track of how much money I spent on books. I buy a lot more used copies at thrift shops so I thought my spending would be quite low. At the six month mark, I did a tally and I had spent $243.91 on books, which was roughly $40 a month. These last six months I spent $413.87 which is roughly $59 a month. Combined altogether, it’s roughly $55 a month.

While I’d like to stop adding books faster than I can read them, I just don’t know how to stop. Each book is bought with the intention of reading it. I’ve also avoided going into bookstores and shop primarily in thrift shops. But every time I enter a bookstore, I’m drawn in by covers, mesmerized by stories, and called to by authors.

All I can do for the following year is vow to read more and buy less. Perhaps that will work, perhaps not. But that’s the life of a reader.

1.—6.16.14—John Dies at the End—David Wong $15.99//$17.39
2.—6.24.14—The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains—Neil Gaiman $23.91
3.—7.16.14—Earth Unaware—Orson Scott Card—$7.99//$8.71
4.—7.16.14—This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously—David Wong—$15.99//$17.43
5.—7.26.14—Sparky—$16.99 (gift for Penny)//$18.48
6.—7.7.14—Mary Shelley & The Curse of Frankenstein—Dorothy + Thomas Hoobler—$1.99
7. —7.7.14—Love Janis—Laura Joplin—$1.99
8.—7.7.14—The Elegance of the Hedgehog—Muriel Barbery—$1
9.—7.9.14—Silkworm—J. K. Rowling—$19.60//$21.36
10.—8.6.14—Americanah—Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie—$15.95//$17.35
11.—8.30.14—Tell the Wolves I’m Home—Carol Rifka Brunt—$3
12.—8.30.14—You Can’t Go Home Again—Thomas Wolfe—.50
13.—8.23.14—Perfume—Patrick Suskind—$1.99
14.—8.23.14—The Queen of the South—Arturo Perez Reverte—$1.99
15.—8.23.14—The Elegance of the Hedgehog—Muriel Barbery—$1.99
16.—8.31.14—Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief—Bill Mason—$1.99 (for dad)
17.—9.25.14—The Fall—Albert Camus—$2
18.—9.25.14—The Vagabond—Colette—$2
19.—9.25.14—The Rotters’ Club—Jonathan Coe—$2
20.—9.25.14—The Wine of Youth—John Fante—$2
21.—9.25.14—Nabokov’s Dozen—Vladimir Nabokov—$2
22.—9.25.14—Fugitives and Refugees—Chuck Palahniuk—$3
23.—9.25.14—The Queen of the South—Arturo Perez Reverte—$2
24.—9.25.14—My Idea of Fun—Will Self—$2
25.—9.25.14—Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter—Mario Vargas LLosa—$2
26.—9.25.14—The Satanic Verses—Salman Rushdie—$3 (for Sada)
27.—9.25.14—McSweeney’s Issue No 4 late winter 2000—$1
28.—10.21.14—Beautiful You—Chuck Palahniuk—$28.50
29.—10.23.14—Lolita: Story of a Cover Girl—$32.62
30.—10.27.14—Snowden Files—$14.95 (dad’s birthday)
31.—10.27.14—Shadow Warrior—$18.99 (dad’s birthday)
32.—10.27.14—Burglary—$16.95 (dad’s birthday)
33.—10.29.14—The Republic of the Imagination—Azar Nafisi—$28.95//$31.48
34.—11.4.14—Slouching Towards Bethlehem—Joan Didion—$15//$16.35
35.—11.12.14—The Prince Lestat—Anne Rice—$28.95//$31.48
36.—12.14.14—A Prayer for Owen Meany—John Irving—$1.99
37.—12.14.14—Sting Man—$16// $17.40 (dad’s Christmas gift)
38. —12.14.14—Skies Belong to Us—$16//$17.40  (dad’s Christmas gift)
39.—12.14.14—Gold—$16//$17.40  (dad’s Christmas gift)
40.—12.20.14—The Satanic Verses—Salman Rushdie—$3.29

See here for my blog about my book finances of the first six months of 2014.


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