Books for my Birthday, hooray!

Daryl gave me this card. I love it.

Daryl gave me this card. I love it.

I am fortunate to have such good friends. They are all incredibly smart, witty, fun, and accepting. They accept my quiet nerd side and my loud laughter. They encourage and enable both my solitude and my social life. Scott introduced me to his good friend Virginia and told us both, “You’ll really like my friend, she reads a lot.” I’ve since become fast friends with Virginia, fellow book lover.

I have the reputation of being a reader and reading more than most people. My friends respect that and ask me for recommendations. Additionally, they want to share the books they love most with me. They share the most treasured stories with me, which makes us closer.

Last month I celebrated my birthday and was given a number of lovely gifts: most of them books or literary related.

And my super sweet parents gave me these three books—each year they ask me for a wish list.

I love that my friends understand and encourage my book habit. They are wonderful and thoughtful. I can’t wait to read all the books and then write about them!!





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