Editing my library: Giving away books that I don’t love

books I'm donating

books I’m donating

Ever since I was in grammar school I’ve had bookcases. My father made them for me whenever I needed them. He made them with smaller shelves as my childhood books became paperback novels. He made them taller when I needed more shelves. So I have always imagined having a room dedicated to my library. A place where all the books I have read live and all the books I plan to read live. Every book I have ever bought I have planned on reading. One doesn’t buy a book without the intention of reading it.

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Chuck Palahniuk: Changing the Culture of Author Readings

Chuck Palahniuk, Beautiful You, DNA nightclub
I saw Chuck Palahniuk speak again. Presented by Booksmith, Chuck was speaking at the DNA nightclub to promote his latest book, Beautiful You. I was going with my friend Gib and as we approached the club, his boss called and asked if he wanted to bartend the event. So we skipped the line. The line that was around the block. Once inside, I found myself in another line, which I thought was to pick up the autographed book I had pre-purchased. But as the line moved, I realized I was in a totally different line: to meet Chuck Palahniuk.

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