Interview with Danielle, designer of the Don DeLillo stencil for California Bookstore Day


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California Bookstore Day was May 3, 2014; an exciting day for booknerds all over the state. One of the greatest pieces offered was the stencil with a quotation from Don DeLillo‘s White Noise. I was so excited that a stencil had been made from a book quote, especially one that is so powerful and challenging, “California deserves whatever it gets.” I was fortunate to interview Danielle Hobart, who designed the stencil along with other collateral for the day.

How was your art selected?
Nepotism—Zack Ruskin (from Book Passage) and I are a couple and he was involved with Green Apple; starting this idea [California Bookstore Day] they worked together. It was Pete’s (of Green Apple)  idea and he’s been involved in the business for a really long time. I think he was inspired by record store day and realized that it could translate. Independent bookstores stay in touch and Zack was creating the website for California Bookstore Day and mentioned to Pete and Samantha that I would be super into working on something for them. Continue reading →

A Portrait of My Father, the Reader, in Books

John Kobler, Capone
My dad read the newspaper everyday. The San Francisco Chronicle and The Pacifica Tribune. He always had one book he was reading. But he worked full time and likes to build things so he did not have too much time to read. Since he retired, his reading has increased exponentially. I wish I would have thought to chronicle the books he’s read before now.

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Reading and Rereading the Same Books as a Child

Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, comicMy mother always understood that the key to education and doing well in school was reading; she read to me every night. She took me to the library for reading time and we would check out the same books over and over. We had stacks of library books next to the couch. And when we went on vacation, she packed a bag full of books, and she would read to me while my dad drove the truck. I had some favorites that have stuck with me through the years. I remember when Brownie and Puff knocked over cans of paint and made new colors. I remember crawling under the living room table to read the tales of Peter Rabbit. I don’t really remember us buying many of these books; they just seemed to magically appear. When I was older, my parents would take me to the bookstore. My dad would always tell me to pick out a book. While waiting in line, he would always ask, did you see another one? Go get it!

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