Creeping on my Friends’ Books Part III

My friends kindly indulge me and allow me to photograph their book collections. The art is in how they curate and display their books—not in my photography. It allows me to creep around their minds a bit more, see where their interests truly lie.

Doug Henderson, from Ohio, lived in Tokyo for six years and in San Francisco for close to a decade. He and his fiancé Chuck have been together for six years. They have lived together in three different apartments and recently bought a home. They have combined their book collections into one massive library. It has grown significantly through the years. Doug is a writer who recently finished his first novel, The Cleveland Heights LGBT Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Club. Chuck is a scientist.  They are both huge nerds and as a result, have a number of science fiction books, Dungeon & Dragon manuals and large amount of graphic novels and manga. They have dedicated two walls and six book cases to their library.

Doug Henderson

Doug Henderson


Doug Henderson

Doug Henderson

Writer La Lengua lives with her husband in San Francisco. She is getting her MA in Museum Studies at JFK University.  Check out her blog, Ribbon Around A Bomb: Femme Avant-core.

La Lengua's Books

La Lengua's Books

La Lengua

La Lengua

Artist and surfer Jason Arnold lives in Santa Cruz. He checks out books from the library so his collection is minimal.

Jason C Arnold

Jason C Arnold

Two of his books are from his childhood.

Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends, A light in the Attic

He special ordered the Morrissey autobiography that was recently released. And has since entered a k-hole with Virginia Wolfe and Oscar Wilde. Morrissey. Gateway to literature.

Jason Arnold, Morrissey

Artist and local dj Jason Grohman lives in a live/work loft on Market Street—the one they’re trying to evict all the tenants out of. Most of his books are art monographs and tucked next to his tv and dj equipment. The little space he has is dedicated to his paintings and rolled up canvases. He studies video, film editing and production.


A detail of his monographs and school books. His favorite artist is Basquiat. There’s a Chuck Palahniuk book in there too.


Jason Grohman

Zoologist Corey and his boyfriend live in the Tenderloin. Their books are divided into two places—the living room and their bedroom. Corey’s boyfriend is studying fashion so there was a huge basket filled with fashion magazines. I should have taken a photo of that too. Here are the books in the living room.


Here are the books on the nightstands on either side of their bed. I have known Corey for years—he is good friends with two of my good friends. I didn’t realize we were kindred spirits until I saw he read all of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.



When I recently visited Christina in Seattle, I took pictures of her bookcase in her apartment. She is from Portland, went to school in Seattle, moved to San Francisco, and recently moved back to Seattle. A lot of her books were in Portland at her parents’ house so for the longest time I didn’t realize how many author loves we have in common.

Christina's Seattle apartment bookcase

Her good friend and neighbor, Jeff, went through his own book collection and gave her  a stack to read. She keeps them separate from her own books.


I took the train to Portland with Christina to stay with her parents. Here is her childhood bookcase that has a lot of old school books and also was taken over by her parents.

Christina's childhood bookcase

I liked the way book cases were tucked wherever they could fit. It made her home cozy and respected reading history and growth.

Christina's childhood books

Creeping on my Friends’ Books
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