Book Borrowers Council Announces New Book Borrowers Contract

Book Borrowers Council Mission Statement

The Book Borrowers Council (BBC) advocates and initiates safe environments for books to be borrowed and lent. The Council encourages reading and respect for the printed art form. There is a secret labyrinthian library for those deemed worthy. In it coffee is constantly brewed, plush chairs abound, there are views from every window, bookshelves nine feet high that never topple every book you will ever want to read in alphabetical order is arranged by genre by the gentle ghost of Kafka’s cockroach. Unfortunately, the BBC knows nothing of this place.

Book Borrowers Contract
by Melanie Samay and Dan Schifrin

We are so glad you want to borrow one of our books! Just fill out this brief questionnaire.*

1. Which book would you like to borrow?**
2. When do you expect to return it?
3. Where do you anticipate reading it?
4. What is the last book you read and when?
5. What is the last book you bought and when?
6. Have you read every book in your possession?
7. Please describe, in 451 words, why you think you are worthy of borrowing this book.
8. Have you ever not returned a book you have borrowed?
9. Why would this time be any different?
10. If so, what was the book, and who was the victim?
11. Are you familiar with what happened to Dan’s cousin Roberta, who borrowed his copy of Nabokov’s Pale Fire in the summer of 1989 when she was going to Finland for two weeks, then left the book at the train station in Jyväskylä? Have you heard from Roberta in recent years? Do you think that’s a coincidence?

Thank you!
* This questionnaire will be promptly reviewed by the executive committee of the Book Borrowing Council (BBC), which reserves the right to ask for further elaboration on the answers above. The executive committee and its process is private and may or may not include a tracking device placed within the book for record keeping purposes.

** Submitting your application does not guarantee or secure your right to borrow said proposed book.

You can post your applications on our respective blogs or send us private messages.

Book Borrowers Contract

Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

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