Book Borrowers Council Announces New Book Borrowers Contract

Book Borrowers Council Mission Statement

The Book Borrowers Council (BBC) advocates and initiates safe environments for books to be borrowed and lent. The Council encourages reading and respect for the printed art form. There is a secret labyrinthian library for those deemed worthy. In it coffee is constantly brewed, plush chairs abound, there are views from every window, bookshelves nine feet high that never topple every book you will ever want to read in alphabetical order is arranged by genre by the gentle ghost of Kafka’s cockroach. Unfortunately, the BBC knows nothing of this place.

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Archiving My life Through Random Placeholders I find in my Books VI

The point of documenting what I find in my books is to see who I was. It’s about honesty even if some of the stuff I find is embarrassing and reveals a part of me that I prefer stay hidden. Like the nerd who used to cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers of celebrities and then laminate them and use them as bookmarks.

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