Archiving my Life By Things I’ve Found in My Books part IV

In part IV of my ongoing project to document all the things I’ve found in my books, I reveal some of the less academic books I’ve read. Going through each book on my shelf has made me look at my collection harder. Do I really want to keep all these books? Some of them I know I will never read again. A lot of them are still at my parents’ home. If I could keep them all at my studio, I certainly would. The idea of getting rid of some of the less literary ones does appeal to me but also slightly sickens me. I was this awkward girl who read crap books. I was a silly goth kid who read pop culture because it was fluffy and fun.  But I am not referring to my Star Wars books. Those are works of art and I am sure that at some point I will reread them.


What do you think you would find in your books? I knew I would find some club flyers, but I didn’t think I’d find candy wrappers or items from high school.

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