Owl Cave Books and Little Paper Planes Open in the Mission

My dear friend Viniita has found a permanent and physical home for her nomadic book shop called Owl Cave Books. It is currently sharing a space with Little Paper Planes at 855 Valencia Street in San Francisco.


Owl Cave Books, Little Paper Planes, Bookshop, books, book

“Owl Cave is an artist-run, bookstore travelling library and blog that began as a table for swapping feminist books and zines at Helmut Newton Ladies Night at the Royal Academy of Arts.” Owl Cave will continue to travel and collaborate with other partners.


On the wall are some vintage mugs. On Sundays, Owl Cave will serve tea to customers and readers. The window has a small seating area. Perfect for reading books in the sunlight.


I bought two books: a vintage copy of Doris Lessing’s Landlocked and a republication, Brigid Brophy‘s The King of a Rainy Country. Oh, I also purchased this small vase from Little Paper Planes. It’s made from a dried up orange that has been repainted, so it has an amazing texture. And not to fear, all books, art, and zines can be purchased in a single transaction.

Owl Cave Books, Owl Cave, feminist, literature, book, books, bookshop
Viniita is posing with some of the books she has carefully curated for Owl Cave.
owl cave books, owl cave
It was really crowded at the opening, fizzy drinks and taffy donated by the Fizzery, a raffle with all proceeds donated to the artist residency at LLP, and 100 goody bags with items donated by local artists and businesses (some being Lina Felicia ÅhsPiper’s Shoe Parlor, and Carissa Potter of Colpa Press.
Little Paper Planes offers a number of delightful objects. Some are practical (tea towels, greeting cards), some are beauty (jewelry, nail polish, clothing), and some are decorative (art, prints, candles, glass pyramids). I wanted everything in the store.
The King of a Rainy Country, Brigid Brophy, Owl Cave, Owl Cave Books, Little Paper Planes
Our friend Jennifer bought the same book that I did (as did our friend Tavia). So we will be having a little book meeting at Owl Cave Books.
Owl Cave, Owl Cave Books, Little Paper Planes
I made a new friend with fellow book-nerd, Louisa, of Luminous Books in England. We talked books for quite a while.
Owl Cave Books, Owl Cave, Little Paper Planes, Luminous Books
Check out Owl Cave Books, Little Paper Planes, and Luminous Books. Buy some books and some art.
Interviews with Viniita and Louisa to follow.

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