Exploring a ranch to find places to read and feeling like Frodo in Sky City, New Mexico

So sometimes, soifollowjulian goes on vacation. And I never travel without a few books to read. Because that’s the greatest vacation of all: immersing yourself in a book in another state.

I visited my Aunt Eva in New Mexico last summer. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. Everything is so beautiful, so solitary, so noble. The desert’s soundtrack on a sunny day is obscenely loud in its emptiness. There are no vehicles, no phones, no planes. There are grasshoppers, bees, birds, and cattle. There’s the ever-present fear of the rattlesnake and so you hear fake sounds in bushes. You avoid holes in the arroyo. You hear the wind blow the bushes and see the tumbleweed push past. And the smell. Of dirt. Clean, non-allergenic dirt. Not that city dust that affects your allergies. Just clean dirt pounded down by the rain then dried and cracked in the sun.


Below are images I took on her ranch.


I took a walk further down on her land, it’s off the dirt road and I was the first person to walk there since the last rain. I enjoyed listening to the sound my sneakers made as they cracked the dry dirt. Small pleasures knowing you alone are breaking a smooth surface. Lovely sinking sensation as your feet adjust to the terrain shifting under your weight.


desert, New Mexico, Land of Enchantment




New Mexico, desert

New Mexico, desert, The Clothes on their Backs

I found a little rabbit skull on my walk.

New Mexico, desert, rabbit skull, skull

Here is her porch. A great place to read. The bees get so loud here. Probably one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced is sitting here in a thunder storm. Day or night. Alone in the desert with only a few people.



The view from her porch. IMG_2820

Here is the side of her ranch. Comfy seats on all sides to match the weather and your needs.





This is the view from the side of her home. Here is her windmill.


And finally, the view of her windmill from the interior of her home.


Below are images from Sky City, of the Acoma Pueblo. My Aunt and I took the guided tour and then walked down the mesa. I felt like Frodo in Shelob’s lair in The Lord of the Rings. Sky City is by far one of the greatest places I have ever visited. The Pueblos are situated on top of a mesa.



Cloud City, New Mexico

Cloud City, New Mexico

Cloud City, New Mexico
Cloud City, New Mexico
Later, my aunt and I stayed at a hotel and had tasty margaritas.
And while I don’t get to go as often as I like, it’s the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen. Just acres and acres of trees, bushes, desert, forest. Miles and miles of sky filled with clouds, birds, and the occasional rain. The landscape is large with only mountains to end the view. And on those mountains, only dirt, boulders, and animals.

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