Two friends ride the ferry to see two authors

A few months ago my good friend Ginny told me that Carlos Ruiz Zafon would be in conversation with Isabel Allende. This momentous event was happening at the Book Passage in Corte Madera.  I couldn’t wait, I marked it in my calendar and waited.

Finally, the day arrived. Ginny and I had cocktails on the ferry.

You know your friendship is true when you’re both eager to travel to see authors in conversation. We left San Francisco for Corte Madera. That is love, loyalty, and dedication.

We arrived at the Book Passage.

We even had reserved seats.

And here are the authors!

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, born in Spain, author of The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game, The Prisoner of Heaven, The Prince of Mist, The Midnight Palace and a few more that have yet to be translated into English.

Isabelle Allende, born in Peru, grew up in Chile, currently living in the Bay Area, author of The House of the Spirits, Daughter of Fortue, Portrait in Sepia, Zorro, Ines of My Soul, and many others.

The two authors discussed Zafon’s latest novel, The Prisoner of Heaven. Although they are both fluent in English, they write in Spanish, their native tongue. They work closely with their translators, and Zafon is confident that absolutely nothing is lost in translation from Spanish to English. He says that if a particular scene is not working in the translation, that he rewrites it in English and gives that to the translator. The mood and the cadence match the Spanish version.

Another interesting fact about Zafon is that he only ever has one draft. He deletes anything that he does not like. He never prints hard copies either.

I was fortunate enough to speak with him while he signed my book. I told him that I had bought over a dozen copies of The Shadow of the Wind for friends’ birthdays and holiday gifts and that all of them love his book. He signed my book, “Friend of the Shadow.” Swoon.

The owner of Book Passage told Zafon that Ginny is a huge fan and tells all her customers to about his book. He signs her book, “Friend of the Book.” Sigh.

I had an old copy of The Shadow of the Wind  bought two of his young adult novels. We each purchased his latest work. Lovely, lovely loot.

Ginny checking out the book.

I can’t wait to read The Prisoner of Heaven. I’m currently rereading The Shadow of the Wind. What a great day.

In case you’re wondering where the Book Passage is in Marin, it’s at 51 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, 94925. Or check out their sister store at the Ferry Building in SF. If you want to check out their author events, go to bookpassage.

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