from john waters’ library to mine: the life of one copy of american pastoral

The great thing about owning books is that they become a part of your life and you become a part of theirs. For example, I bought a copy of American Pastoral by Philip Roth at the Kadist Art Foundation. They asked John Waters to curate and donate books to be purchased in their Reading Shop. The books were either written by him or influenced him and were from his personal collection.

I purchased American Pastoral because I always wanted to read Philip Roth. It’s about an American family whose daughter becomes a political terrorist.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of reading. Regardless of how good a book is, you just can’t dedicate the time you’d like to it or perhaps the weather is just too nice to stay indoors or sit alone. Here is a glimpse into the life of my copy of American Pastoral.

It used to live with John Waters and now it lives with me!

We initially went to Baker Beach with my friends, Randy and Scott.
Randy brought a book he was reading, Catching Fire, and Scott brought some beer and music.

Then we went to Dolores Park to meet my friend Ginny. I read while waiting for her.
She brought a chocolate bar. I can’t remember what she was reading.

We took the 30 bus.

We hung out on my lunch break at work.

We took the BART to Daily City to go to dinner with my folks.

We spent a lot of time at Brainwash because they have outdoor seating and good coffee.
Although here we are sitting inside because it was too hot in the sun.

Reading in bed while Hermione is off somewhere, ignoring us.

And here American Pastoral has found its permanent home, on top of Reverte, Proust, and Rimbaud because there’s no room for him in between Robbins and Rowling.

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