book perks

If you’re lucky, you get some perks with your work. Sometimes it’s free coffee or breakfast treats, sometimes it’s discounts on tickets, or it could be discounts on clothing. There are some great things about working in a museum: the beautiful building, being surrounded by art, creative colleagues, oh and the books! When I went to museums before I worked in one I would want to buy the catalogs but couldn’t afford them. Now my desk is overflowing!

Working in marketing is especially wonderful because we must read every exhibition catalogue to understand the artists, history, and artwork.

I’m in charge of ordering them for the department and distributing them…

Sometimes you get to meet the artists and get your book signed!

We copyedit using the Chicago Manual of Style. I had an old copy I bought at a thrift store. But we needed the most recent copy, so I ordered one. Although it belongs to the department, I keep it on my desk. It looks so pretty next to the old edition. I haven’t had too much time to explore it, but visually it’s much bigger. I suspect it has to do with social media and how to maintain order with references and credits. Regardless, it’s beautiful and I’m eager to use it.

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